Monday, February 27, 2012

Inclinometers to measure the longitudinal and cross inclination of the bridge.

Engineers use Leica equipment to monitor Danube bridge

Engineers in Slovakia have been able to use equipment from Leica Geosystems to carry out automated monitoring of one to the key bridges over the Danube river in Bratislava.

The engineers used a range of Leica total stations and GNSS receivers to carry out precise geodetic surveying on the Apollo Bridge, and find a range of measurements concerning the daily deformations caused to the bridge.

The surveyors from the Department of Surveying at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava wanted to asses the 3D displacements of observed points, positioned at the bridge floor and at the top of bridge arch measured by total station.

They also used GNSS sensors to determine the horizontal displacement of a point at the top of the bridge and inclinometers to measure the longitudinal and cross inclination of the bridge.

The measurements were taken over a 24-hour period and found the greatest changes were caused when traffic was at its heaviest and when the temperature was warmest.

The project was used to prove the importance and value of automatic deformation monitoring systems and it is hoped it will lead to the permanent monitoring of all five of the bridges across the Danube in Bratislava.