Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3-Axis Level Bubble for Cameras

...a random flash of genius from Brando


I don't really know the inner workings of renowned crapgadget manufacturer Brando. I assume, much like Family Guy episodes, their products are composed by a tank full of playful manatees, dunking balls featuring random gadget features through hoops according to their strange under-seacow whims. Most of the time what they come up with is crap, but every so often, they come up with a good one.

And this is that good one: a three-axis bubble mount that fits into the flash bulb socket of your camera. Sure, for most shots outside of wedding and school pictures, mathematically perfect levelness isn't terribly important if you've got the other fundamentals right. But for $11, this could go into your camera bag without a single wince of regret, just in case.

3-Axis Bubble Level [Brando via Oh Gizmo]

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