Friday, July 13, 2007

Ball Bank Indicator for Safe Curve Speed

The term "Ball Bank Indicator" refers to an inclinometer that is used for the specific purpose of determining safe (uniform advisory) curve speeds for horizontal curves. It measures the overturning force (side friction), measured in degrees, on a vehicle negotiating a horizontal curve - whether it is an isolated curve, multiple "S" curve, or a ramp to/from a freeway. Typically used by the Department of Transportation and other advisory transportation agencies.

Rieker has been manufacturing 'ball-in-tube" style inclinometers, angle indicators and measuring instruments since 1917. The 1023W1 (shown above) has been the industry standard for ball banking and used nationwide by DOT, highway and traffic engineers. Precision tube manufactured to MIL specifications, ±20º range, accurate 1º increments. Simple to use, fast precise visual indication.

The RDS7-BB digital ball banking unit features an audible alert, an LCD displaying angle to 0.01º, RS232 output (instant readouts right to your laptop), and optional programmable trip angles - make this unit the most versatile and easy to use ball banking package available. It does not require a second operator to record the angle, the audible alarm alerts the driver allowing him to keep his eyes on the road - more cost effective and safer to operate.
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