Monday, June 04, 2007

Cool Panoramic shots with a 360 degree Nikon

May 29th, 2007 by James in Conceptual Gadgets

The fun thing about conceptual design is thinking outside the box and making it look darn near real. Who needs actual engineering to get in the way of the creative process? But in the digital age, even the what if can go from concept to production is less than the time it takes to hype an iPhone.

360 Nikon

Well, over at Yanko Design, they have another great what if which could create panoramic pictures the easy way. Imagine not having to frame and reframe picture after picture in order to overlap them for a panorama you’ll have to stitch together later in Photoshop. That’s the basic idea behind designer Ye Chen’s Nikon camera concept which captures an unbroken view of a landscape by using an ergonomic cylindrical form lens to image an all-round 360 continuous degree photograph.

It’s trapezoidal design is purely for show, mind you, but it does include several indicators, such as an angle gauge and inclinometer to help properly position the camera for maximum exposure to the image. It will also gauge the direction of the rotating lens.

Just in concept for now, but the idea of a continuous rotating lens to capture the panoramic landscape in real time would make for a killer add on to any digital camera.

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