Tuesday, June 12, 2007

4-20mA Temperature Compensated Inclinometer


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The NGi Series of inclination sensors - NG2i, NG3i, and NG4i - is capacitive liquid based sensors with integrated sensor and excitation electronics. The thermal drift of the primary sensor is further compensated by an electronic equalization of the temperature. An integrated highly stable voltage regulator makes it possible to supply the inclinometer from any unregulated supply or battery as low as +8V and up to +30VDC. The measuring principle assures a linear angle output with 4…20mAs calibrated to equal the measuring range of the sensor. (Maximum range is ±80 degrees with NG4i). The measuring time constant can be ordered with longer rise times as an option. The current loop supplies power to the sensor, which means that the complete unit operates as a 2-wire system.

Applications: The NGi Series with its current loop output is well suited for industrial use where high accuracy and long-term stability are required in a noisy environment where high temperature changes occur and non-stable supply voltages are present.

For applications where 2-axis inclination is useful please refer to their SB2i Box. Where both zero and gain adjustment is desired both the SB1i and SB2i are be recommended.

The NGi Series has been used in such industries as mining, food, bridge building, crane manufacturing, agriculture machinery, process machines, transport systems and auto as well as OEM systems. This sensor line of inclinometers has had excellent results for a variety of applications like pitch and roll measurements and vehicle tilt monitoring.

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