Tuesday, May 15, 2007

4-Wheeler Modifications Includes Inclinometer

Inclinometers used for fun stuff too!

2Sweet's 1999 4Runner Highlander Modifications:

Wind Deflectors :
I purchased the 4 piece set (front and rear doors) of WeatherFlectors by ClimAir (purchased from the MacNeil Automotive Accessories web site). These deflectors are of high quality material and are easy to install. The deflectors fit in the window channel and do not require the use of tape during the installation.

Toyota Sunroof Wind Deflector :
Purchased from Texas Toyota Wholesale Parts web site. Not only does the sunroof wind deflector look great, it also reduces the amount of wind noise heard in the vehicle.

Toyota Windshield Bug Deflector :
Purchased from Texas Toyota Wholesale Parts web site. The windshield bug deflector is designed of high quality plastic and looks great on the front of a black truck. It provides an additional 3 inches of height to the front of the vehicle which reduces the amount of small flying particles and bugs from hitting the windshield.

Toyota Smoked Headlight Covers :
Purchased from Shop the Warehouse web site. These headlight covers are only used when offroading to protect the headlights from damage. The covers are not legal in New York State for driving on public roads.

Clear Corner Lights :
These clear corner lights, which were purchased on eBay look great as they take out the yellow reflector of the corner light. It is replaced with a clear reflector and a yellow/orange light bulb that produces a similar effect when the lights are on, but provide a more subtle look to the front of the vehicle when the lights are off.

Floor Liners :
I have the front and rear set of Husky Liners Floor Liners in Black. Purchased from Cabela's web site. They are made of a rubberized thermo-plastic material. These are a great in protecting the truck's Oak colored carpeting, especially in the winter. I have the new version which have stay put nibs (SPiN) on the bottom, the mats do not move around at all. The driver's pedal area does NOT need to be trimmed, as some have had to do with the older versions.

Air Horns :
Purchased from the local automotive parts store, this Wolo Air Horn provides a much louder horn that the standard horn on the 4Runner. I purchased the two horn kit, which I feel is loud enough to accomplish the desired effect.

Toyota Cargo Net :
Purchased from Texas Toyota Wholesale Parts web site. This is the original equipment manufacturer cargo net. This is installed by drilling a 1/4 inch hole on each side of the cargo compartment at 14 inches above the floor level and about 4 13/16" in from the weatherstripping. The purpose of the cargo net is to keep loose items from bouncing around the cargo area.

Factory Roof Rack Rail Removal :
I removed the 3 inner rails from the factory roof rack. These 3 rails were mounted flush against the painted roof of the vehicle. The removal definately makes washing and waxing easier. I keep the inner rails in the cargo area, so that in case I need them, they are there. They can be installed in little time with no tools.

Inclinometer :
Purchased from Rieker Inc.'s web site. The inclinometer measures the tilt of the vehicle while driving on hills and off-road. Although it is not needed on an everyday basis, it is fun to watch while going around sharp turns. I mounted this device with two-sided tape where the CD player would go. It was just about a perfect fit.

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