Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rugged, Accurate Visual Rollover Warning for Lift & Construction Equipment

1017 Inclinometer Series

Rugged, Accurate Visual Rollover Warning for Lift & Construction Equipment

Rieker is continually striving to improve the ability of their tilt indicators to provide highly visible alerts for all types of lift and construction equipment. One product that continues to set the bar for early warning devices is the 1017 “ball-in-tube” Inclinometer Series. With several models, all available with customer specified color warning zones, these inclinometers greatly improve the vehicle operator’s ability to detect dangerous roll over situations before equipment damage or injury can happen.

A 1017 model is typically mounted in the operator cab of an off-road forklift (or material handler) in a clear line of sight to help operators identify when they are transcending too great a slope for the equipment in an effort to prevent a 'tip over' (or side to side roll over). These tilt indicators are also mounted on the rear of a bucket/utility truck or fire aerial ladder rig in order to determine platform level prior to raising the boom. These MIL SPEC instruments are painted with customer specified color warning zones to quickly identify the recommended safety limits for tilt set forth by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Over the years many versions of inclinometers were developed along with variations of Gradiometers when percent grade was preferred. Once the Industry realized that these products worked for the life of the vehicle, and were relatively inexpensive, these indicators were being applied on original equipment worldwide.

Rieker® Instrument Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of accurate, rugged, weatherproof inclinometers and tilt indicating instruments, since 1917. Rieker’s full line of tilt switches and inclinometers can be seen at www.riekerinc.com.

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