Thursday, March 01, 2007

FAA: Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Vehicle Rollover Study

Airport Technology R & D Branch

Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Vehicle Rollover Study
On-Line Reporting System

The FAA Technical Center's Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Research and Development (R&D) Program is currently conducting an ARFF Vehicle Rollover Study, in response to the recent upward trend in ARFF vehicle rollovers and turnovers.

The vehicles involved in these incidents are primarily manufactured here in the US, and designed to meet current FAA specifications. There is an unanswered question as to why they are involved in these types of situations. The vehicles are designed to be capable of meeting the specific ARFF requirements, including, but not limited to, their ability to maneuver at rapid speeds both on and off road.

Our initial attack is aimed at identifying any factors that may have contributed to these ARFF Logo incidents by collecting specific data on those events that have happened to date, and to also collect data on any future incidents that may happen. To do this efficiently, the Technical Center has developed this ARFF vehicle rollover/turnover voluntary reporting system. This new system provides a choice of an online questionnaire or off-line questionnaire (the latter suitable for faxing or mailing) in which fire departments, airport management, ARFF vehicle manufacturers, and industry personnel can report both past and present incidents. In addition, it provides a way to add supplemental information to an event that may have already been reported on this system.

The data collected from this voluntary reporting system will then be used to direct our research efforts towards the most prominent causal factors. At no time will the information be used to find fault, or place blame on individuals, fire departments, etc. This information is solely for research use. It is anticipated that duplicate reports may be submitted for the same incident. Duplicate reports will be used to fill in any voids in the data submitted by a previous responder.

The questionnaire also provides the responder the ability to select whether or not a representative from the research program can contact them at a later date to discuss the incident or clarify data input.

We thank you for your assistance, and look forward to any input you might have.

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