Friday, November 03, 2006

Back Lit Boom Angle Indicator - Meets NFPA 1901 Standards for Automotive Fire Apparatus

This upgraded 4120 boom angle inclinometer provides the end-user the best functioning unit available.

First and foremost, the new revision addresses durability. Made of 100% Polycarbonate material with a unique and patent pending technology, it is extremely durable, shock and vibration resistant. Our main objective was to help avoid accidental breakage during installation or the rough environment off road forklifts are typically used. As an added benefit of the new durability we will ship more product in smaller containers with less packing material. This will decrease the cost of shipping.

The second feature to our new product is the option for backlighting. This is the reason the color has changed to white with black markings. This subtle change has allowed us to provide a weatherproof lighting feature making it highly visible at night. Backlighting is available in either AC or DC for the following voltages; 24V, and 12V (rated for 20,000 hours).

Meets NFPA 1901 Standards for Automotive Fire Apparatus

First of its kind design allowing the angle to be read from below, above and the side. Oversize markings for easy read up to 30 ft away. These instruments are made tough and will not rust, freeze, or otherwise "hang up" like old-fashioned pendulum styles - not effected by outdoor elements. Like all of our manual instruments, each indicator is properly dampened for smooth reliable readings. The 4120 model is designed for easy mounting with two screws, which allows for quick and efficient retrofitting in the field. The newest addition is the 4120-12v, a highly visible backlit model for increased safety - especially at night!
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