Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Products Designed with Safety In Mind

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, over 113 workers lost their lives in rollover type accidents between 1992 and 2001. This trend with better safety training and warning devices and /or safety aids have reduced this number, however it still remains an issue on the job sight.

- Rieker Electronics SlopeAlert™ Tilt Warning System -
The first version of the RT (Rough Terrain) or SlopeAlert System was introduced in the early-nineties, designed specifically for off-road, in-motion vehicles and equipment that operate in high vibration/shock, rough terrain environments. Two of the most common applications for a tilt warning device are: 1) to help prevent vehicle or equipment rollover on steep slopes; and 2) to aid track vehicles that need protection for over rotation while in motion. The decision on the necessity to develop such a system was taken after the investigation into an increasing number of rollover accidents involving off-road construction equipment and vehicles tipping over while operating on rough or sloped terrain – resulting in damage, injury, and loss of life.

Since that time the SlopeAlert™ Tilt Warning System has undergone serious changes and improvements.

The SlopeAlert is a reliable, low cost solution for determining in-range and out of range tilt conditions. Connected to a lamp, horn, or solenoid relay, this compact single or dual axis unit can indicate both safe and unsafe conditions as well as provide a control signal to shut down equipment. The rugged, hermetically sealed construction stands up against severe environments and vibration commonly found at off-road work sites. Multiple trip settings are factory calibrated and can be arranged in a single axis to indicate caution before final alarm. This tilt warning system has been developed and manufactured in accordance with the current and prospective construction safety standards, recommendations and requirements, and can be installed on all types of construction equipment, tractors and off-road vehicles – well suited for OEMs.

Although the SlopeAlert was designed for monitoring vehicle inclination in off-road, rough terrain environments, it is well suited for any application where inclination needs to be limited or controlled. Other industrial applications include irrigation, plough, and grader hydraulic leveling controller, lift vehicle/equipment monitoring and shut-off switch.

For the next generation of vehicle or equipment operator alerts for the threat of a tip-over while on sloped terrain, modern tilt warning systems - in addition to understanding the risks involved while operating on rough terrain - will help reduce equipment damage, insurance premiums, injury, and loss of life.
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