Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dow Employs GPS for Pipeline Worker Safety | Featured Article | Automation World

Dow Employs GPS for Pipeline Worker Safety | Featured Article | Automation World

Dow Employs GPS for Pipeline Worker Safety

Dow Pipeline Co., an operating company of Midland, Mich.-based Dow Chemical Co., manages some 4,000 miles of pipeline along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts-including some areas that are too remote for cell phone network coverage.

Those coverage gaps could cause problems for the 80 to 100 Dow technicians who maintain the pipeline. Though all have mobile radios in their work trucks, a technician could be in trouble-with no means of communication-if an accident or other emergency occurred while the worker was outside of the vehicle. So with the safety of its pipeline technicians in mind, Dow set out to develop a system to ensure that it could quickly locate any of these remote workers if an emergency response was ever needed... Read more

handy device uses inclinometer tilt sensor for additional safety alerts...good read.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boeing to Increase Production for Next- Gen 737

Subject: 737 Third Rate Break Announcement

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 12:13 PM Today, Boeing announced an increase in the production rate for our Next- Generation 737 airplanes to 42 airplanes per month beginning in the first half of 2014. We also said we are continuing to study rate increases for Next-Generation 737 production due to the improving global economic situation and continued customer demand.

This is the third rate increase announced on the 737 in a year: the first rate change will occur in December 2011, at which time we will increase production to 35 airplanes per month. The second production increase will occur in March 2013, when we increase to 38 airplanes a month.

These rate changes highlight the remarkable growth opportunity ahead for you. It's a testament to the value of the quality product you help build and a clear statement from our customers that they need airplanes to support fleet renewal and strengthening air traffic. Next-Generation 737 delivery positions remain sold out through the middle part of the decade, so increasing rate is the prudent decision to support customer demand.

Thank you for your continued support of Boeing and the 737 program. You have helped make the program a great success!

- Boeing Procurement Department

This letter was sent out to the suppliers of Boeing, including Rieker Instrument Company! "Rieker has supplied precision inclinometers and slip indicators to Boeing for decades", says Skip Gosnell, marketing director for Rieker Inc.